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We are entirely doctor owned. Before launching this website, our founders operated private practices and owned retail offices. At the beginning of the online shopping boom, they realized offering significant savings to consumers who want high-quality, finished prescription eyeglasses was possible. Without a physical location overhead costs would be much lower. Their business would not need to rent retail space, stock pricey eyeglasses displays, or salary numerous administrative employees. By making each custom pair right here in our New York facility, the inventive docs could offer even greater discounts on prescription eyewear.

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Here's the bottom line: operating an e-commerce discount prescription eyeglasses website is much less expensive than operating an expensive retail establishment. And those savings are passed directly onto you, our valued customers.

It's important to know that offers the same top brands of prescription eyeglasses at a deep discount. These include Transitions® no-line bifocals that you would find at your local, brick and mortar eyewear establishment. Because our customers receive substantial savings, they often are able to buy an additional pair. Some choose to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays with prescription sunglasses, while fashion-forward consumers opt to buy a different styles for different outfits or moods. They still receive every pair for far less than they would using their own optical or health plan.

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